Jonathan Wilhelmsson
Waltzing Tilda


“Waltzing Tilda” is a Sydney-set comedy-drama about an eccentric lone wolf named Tilda who one day wakes up to find the rest of humanity gone. Tilda, who up till this moment has only ever lived for herself (and possibly her bunny rabbit Shane), is overjoyed as she rampages through the city declaring herself the Queen of Sydney. Two years later Tilda has gone slightly crazy in her deteriorating and mistreated kingdom, having imaginary conversations with Shane, giving her uncomfortable truths about her situation. After years of denial, and after inadvertently causing the death of Shane, Tilda admits to having lived a selfish life that was only given value by the people around her, and that as the last human she has mistreated earth as much as humanity ever did. Believing earth would be better off without her she decides to clean the city up, erase her tracks and start a life where earth is a better place with her.

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